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Vegetable Growers News (VGN) is the leading industry publication for all segments of the nation’s vegetable industry, from growers to marketers. Each issue guides subscribers through the latest news, product, information and strategies, providing them with essential information for making informed decisions.

Our Audience: 92.5% of Vegetable Growers News subscribers are directly involved in, or influence, purchasing decisions for their business.

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Why Vegetable Growers News?

  • Vegetable growers across the country ranked the magazine as their No. 1 industry resource.
  • 100% qualified circulation
  • 75% of growers say Vegetable Growers News is their most valued publication

"Utilize VGN as a resource to see how different production areas are coping with the ever changing environment that is today's fresh fruit and vegetable production."

- VGN Subscriber Verbatim - September/October Issue, Signet AdStudy®

"I use it to see what’s going on in our industry, cutting edge growers sharing a competitive advantage as well as, advertisers sharing new inputs coming, if not already available."

- VGN Subscriber Verbatim - September/October Issue, Signet AdStudy®

"I use VGN to keep up with new developments in vegetable production, especially, for small farms. I read the articles on pest and disease management, and new varieties."

- VGN Subscriber Verbatim - September/October Issue, Signet AdStudy®

"I find it to be useful because it lets me be aware of what is happening in other parts of our country as far as production is concerned.... They might be trying something new that hasn't made it here to Central Illinois and I can be on the cutting edge to get it put in and maybe get that small component that puts me ahead in the buyer's market."

- VGN Subscriber Verbatim - September/October Issue, Signet AdStudy®

“Decade Products was very satisfied with our print and digital campaigns .... For many of the campaigns, we had an average open rate of 24.5%, which is much higher than the industry average. By doing print ads, e-newsletters and being put on the FGN/VGN websites, we saw an increase in new customer business. With the world constantly changing to a digital footprint, this was necessary for the future growth of Decade Products.”

- Dave Gargett, Decade Products